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What are the advantages of air sampling smoke detectors?

2020-04-07 18:18:07

1. It is a very early inspiratory smoke and gas detection system. Generally, when there is thermal ion evolution and smoldering, the detection system should start to alarm;

2. Its detection principle is to actively extract the outside air, as long as there is smoke in the air, it can give an alarm in time, which belongs to the active detection; it adopts laser cavity forward scattering technology or laser spot detection.

3. Air sampling smoke detector adopts laser cavity high frequency laser technology and three-dimensional image analysis;

4. The sampling method of the air sampling smoke detector is that the active air extraction detection system can suck a little smoke produced into the sensor room, no matter how high the space is, it can detect the smoke;

5. Its sensitivity can be adjusted continuously in the range of 0.001% - 20% OBS / M (0.0003% - 6.10% OBS / ft); its sensitivity can be programmed by the system, and its false alarm rate is very low;


6. Air sampling smoke detectors are one in hundreds to one in thousands of early detection systems. When the traditional detector gives an alarm, it is usually a certain scale of fire or only a few minutes for the personnel on duty to put out the fire;

7. The air sampling smoke detector is composed of PVC pipes and sampling holes. It does not need to run wires. All electronic components are in the shell of the detector in the very early stage, which is not easy to be interfered by the external electromagnetic field. In addition to conventional occasions, it can also be used in explosion-proof places, ultra strong electromagnetic radiation places, dangerous and toxic places, and can be safely used in microwave rooms, positron colliders, oil depots and ammunition depots.

8. The system sampling pipe network of the air sampling smoke detector is PVC pipe, which has no electrical connection with the host. It only needs to clean the two-stage filter screen regularly, so the maintenance workload is very small, and there is no cost.


The inspiratory smoke fire detector independently developed by wittan intelligent fire protection realizes the centralized monitoring and management of the inspiratory smoke fire detector. These products can be used in the fire control system to provide high-quality security for urban management and residents' life. The integrated management solution uses advanced technologies such as big data, Internet of things and cloud computing to combine electrical fire alarm, combustible gas leakage alarm, smoke detector fire alarm and video monitoring, so as to realize the unified monitoring of the platform, and effectively discover the potential safety hazards before the fire; after the fire, timely inform the personnel to evacuate, and reasonably and effectively solve the supervision Not in place.



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