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What are the characteristics of cold storage fire?

2020-04-03 17:09:22

1. It burns violently, forming a three-dimensional fire. The walls of the cold storage are vertically connected, and there are chimney type hollow sandwich walls; asphalt and linoleum are in the insulation layer, and cork, fiberboard, rice husk and plastic are in the storage. Once the fire breaks out, the vertical and horizontal propagation speed is very fast.

2. The fire is hidden and it is not easy to find the ignition point. When the insulating layer of the cold storage has a long time of smoldering, the smoldering flame is in the sandwich wall, and it is not easy to find outside.

3. Large smoke, high temperature and inconvenient fire fighting. There are few entrances and exits in the cold storage. The doors and staircases of the multi-storey cold storage are easily blocked by fire. It is difficult for the gunmen to attack inside or up the cold storage when the smoke billows.

4. There are many poisonous gases, which may cause explosion. Generally, after the fire in the cold storage, the air is insufficient, the combustion is insufficient, and the carbon monoxide content is high. When foam plastics are used as thermal insulation materials, they will emit poisonous gas after fire. If a large amount of ammonia gas is ejected from the pipe and the concentration reaches 15.7-27.4%, it will explode in case of open fire.



What measures should be taken to prevent fire?

1. The construction of cold storage must meet the requirements of relevant safety codes such as code for fire protection design of buildings (gb50016-2014) and code for design of cold storage (gb50072-2010). The use of inspiratory smoke fire detector can alarm in the very early stage of fire and reduce the probability of fire occurrence;

2. Strengthen the supervision, implement the safety responsibility system, strengthen the supervision and law enforcement, and rectify the problems found immediately. Illegal operation is strictly prohibited. Cold storage shall be designed and constructed by units with corresponding qualifications. Construction shall be carried out in accordance with the operating procedures and work with certificates.

3. Improve safety awareness, strengthen daily supervision and management, establish and improve various fire safety management systems, realize the importance, necessity and regularity of cold storage safety work, implement the work to the actual situation, and prevent the trouble in advance.



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