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Scheme of power industry for inspiratory smoke detector

2020-04-03 18:35:41

1、 Overview

Electric power is the basis of industrial development. Only with stable power supply conditions can we attract investment and promote the development and prosperity of the country or region. Especially for China, which is developing rapidly, a stable and reliable power supply source is more important. Therefore, how to ensure the safety and reliability of each link of the power supply system is the goal of the power supply system practitioners. Among them, the power supply equipment from the threat of fire is one of the most important work. The government attaches great importance to the fire prevention of power system.


2、 Fire prevention characteristics of power supply system

The power supply system from power generation, transmission, to power distribution, because of the diversity and complexity of the equipment used, it is also relatively difficult to prevent fire. Throughout the key areas of the power supply system for fire prevention and the possible causes of fire are as follows:

1. Generator: the mechanical rotating element in the power station causes excessive friction and causes lubricating oil or hydraulic oil

Burning. The generator workshop belongs to a large space area with a ceiling height of more than 12 meters. Because the rise of fire products depends on the heat generated by the fire flowing to the high-rise zone, if the heat generated is low in the early stage of the fire, the smoke cannot be brought to the high-rise zone, which limits the effect of smoke detector;

2. Control room: many metering and recording equipment, relays, cable wires, etc. in the control room may produce static sparks, or overheat caused by high cable connection resistance, which will cause the combustion of the equipment; and the control cabinet is a closed box, which is not easy to detect the initial fire in the control cabinet, so When the fire detector outside the cabinet reacts, it has already caused significant damage. In addition, air conditioning system will be installed in the control room, which will cause airflow movement. On the one hand, the smoke generated in the early stage of fire will be diluted greatly, and it is difficult to reach the alarm threshold of smoke detection equipment. On the other hand, the circulating air flow will make it difficult for the smoke to reach the installation position of the detector, causing alarm delay or missing.

3. Switch cabinet: there are high and low voltage power and control equipment in the switch cabinet. It is overheated due to power load switching, aging of cable and wire, high resistance of cable connection Etc. will cause combustion of the equipment. However, the initial fire in the switch cabinet is not easy to detect because the cabinet is closed, so when the fire detector outside the cabinet reacts, it has caused significant damage.

4. Cable room: in the power plant or substation, the arrangement or laying of cables are concentrated in one space. These cables include power cables, control cables and communication cables. Due to the long-term operation of power transmission, it may cause long-term heating and aging of cables. In addition, the overheated phenomenon caused by poor connection of cable joints can cause fire. However, the space of general cable room or cable trench is narrow, which makes disaster relief difficult, Therefore, it is necessary to install more sensitive detectors in order to detect the fire as early as possible and rescue as early as possible. However, due to the problem of dust, the general sensitive photoelectric detectors often produce false alarms and cannot be used.


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