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Important matters of fire protection for electronic building facilities

Ceiling mezzanine

The clean circulating air is introduced from the ceiling from top to bottom, and is led out from the air outlet of the hollow floor or wall. The smoke generated in the ceiling interlayer will be diluted and diffused in the whole production area. At this time, the sampling pipe of ASD shall be installed at the ceiling to detect the whole ceiling area.

Clean space / production area

In the production area, there are many high-value production equipment, which has the characteristics of large space, high air flow and high air exchange rate. The smoke produced in any part of the production area is returned by the air return outlet under the action of air conditioning and ventilation equipment. When the sampling pipe network is arranged at the return air port, the smoke change in the whole environment can be detected in time.

Floor mezzanine

A large number of electrical equipment and cables are gathered in the mezzanine. At the same time, as the return air area, air is transmitted back to the air treatment equipment or return air duct. In addition, the lighting switch, socket and color steel plate wall are sealed with sealant, so it is difficult to repair, and it is not easy to find the fault. Therefore, the sampling pipe laid in the interlayer can detect the smoke produced in the production area. And the equipment is installed in the position which is easy to be accessed by maintenance personnel, so the maintenance is more convenient.

Electrical equipment

Other electrical equipment, such as precision instruments, high-value scientific instruments, semiconductor or pharmaceutical production equipment, and air processing equipment, etc., in continuous and uninterrupted work, fire risk is inevitable. ASD system can monitor each equipment separately, use special capillary tube to extend into the equipment, can detect the trace smoke produced in the operation of the equipment, and eliminate the fire hazard.

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