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What are the limitations of traditional detection equipment?

2020-04-07 17:51:45

(1) low sensitivity and small adjustable range: the alarm sensitivity of traditional point type smoke detector is mostly 3% - 5% OBS / m. if the working equipment is in fire and the smoke reaches such a concentration, the equipment has often suffered great damage, and the resulting casualties, equipment damage and loss caused by service interruption are incalculable. Due to the high environmental requirements of electrical equipment, all smoke, regardless of the concentration, is abnormal. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the sensitivity of the detector flexibly to meet the requirements of the room environment.

2. Passive collection of smoke samples is easily affected by other factors: the traditional point type smoke detector is passively waiting for the smoke to slowly spread to its vicinity and exceed its alarm threshold to alarm, while the modern electrical equipment has the characteristics of small size and high integration, which requires the air conditioning system to maintain the necessary environment for its operation, and the air exchange rate is generally 15-60 times per hour. Therefore, on the one hand, the smoke is diluted and cooled by the air flow of the air conditioner, which makes it difficult to reach the alarm threshold of the detector; on the other hand, the temperature drops so that the smoke particles cannot continue to rise to the ceiling where the detector is usually located; on the other hand, due to the influence of the air flow of the air conditioner, the air forms a circulation between the air supply and the air return of the machine room, so that the smoke cannot reach the detector at all.


3. The detector is arranged in a single way, which can not meet the requirements of special environment such as machine room, platform and carriage. The traditional detector can only be installed in a few places such as under the ceiling and floor. Here, we are not only concerned about the safety of environment, but also about the safety of electrical equipment, train and passengers, which requires the alarm equipment to be more flexible For example, the detector can be directly installed in the equipment cabinet or laid along the cable direction according to the needs, so as to provide more accurate protection for all kinds of facilities and personnel in the protected area.

(4) the detector needs to operate with points and is easy to be interfered by electromagnetic interference, which has the possibility of unsafe hidden danger and false alarm.


The inspiratory smoke fire detector developed by wittan intelligent technology realizes the centralized monitoring and management of the inspiratory smoke fire detector. These products can be used in the fire control system to provide high-quality security for urban management and residents' life. The integrated management solution uses advanced technologies such as big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, etc. to realize the platform unified monitoring of electrical fire alarm, combustible gas leakage alarm, smoke detector fire alarm, and effectively discover the potential safety hazards in the very early stage of the fire; after the fire, timely notify the personnel to evacuate, and reasonably and effectively solve the situation of inadequate supervision.


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