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Air sampling detection system four kinds of place solutions!

2020-04-07 11:26:42

Solution of fire alarm system for 1 distribution cabinet

Csd-100-dn electrical cabinet sampling smoke detector system is a series of electrical fire intelligent early warning system developed for the rapid rise of domestic electrical fire in recent years. It can detect the invisible smoke produced by the solid heating sublimation before the formation of electrical equipment fire by taking the air sample in the distribution panel, so as to realize the early warning and prevention of electrical fire, to eliminate the fire accident in the embryonic period and reduce the harm after the fire.

Solution of fire alarm system in 2 machine room

The internal equipment and operation environment of computer room, communication room and control center room are a challenge to the traditional fire protection system. In foreign fire codes, it is generally recommended to use the air sampling type very early smoke detection (the name of the domestic code is inspiratory smoke fire detection and alarm system) system as the fire detection scheme. Through the highly sensitive very early fire warning system, the hidden fire danger in the machine room is alarmed several hours in advance, so that people have enough time to deal with the fire calmly and prevent from "burning".


Solution of fire alarm system in clean room of No.3 clean workshop

The inspiratory smoke fire detection and alarm system is the key part of the dust-free room efficient fire protection system. Detecting smoke as early as possible can provide users with sufficient time to respond to the fire threat. Classroom teaching can reduce the pollution of dust-free room to a certain extent.

The clean room will have a return air outlet. The sampling hole of the inspiratory smoke detector can be set at the return air outlet, as shown in the example below. Note: the arrangement of processing equipment and other equipment will affect the speed and direction of air flow. It is recommended that a performance test be carried out after the installation of the sampling system. All such tests are to be carried out in conjunction with the facility's security personnel.

4 solution of fire alarm system in cold storage

The operating temperature of cold storage is usually between 8 ℃ and - 45 ℃. In this temperature range, the traditional "passive" smoke detection system can not work reliably or even completely. Its electrical components and response design make it unable to provide early smoke detection and alarm under such environmental conditions.

In some countries, national standards for fire protection further point out that traditional smoke detectors cannot be installed unless specifically stated, if the operating temperature is below 0 ° C (nfpa72).

The fire in the cold store sounds incredible, but the air in the cold storage is extremely dry. The flammable products such as Yaan ester, polystyrene foam insulation, wooden pallets and plastic packaging materials can be seen everywhere, which makes the fire risk coefficient of the cold store greatly increased. Electrical failure of transmission / transportation devices and lighting systems, etc., or heating caused by maintenance operations, will also increase the risk of fire.


In order to improve the utilization of the limited capacity of the cold storage as much as possible, it is necessary to use the shelves with large capacity, which will affect the movement of the air flow and hinder the detection and response of the fire.

In order to prevent serious fire in cold storage, a better way is to install and use "active" smoke detection and alarm system - inspiratory smoke fire detection and alarm system.

Shanghai Weitan has always been committed to becoming a good service provider brand of security products in the field of fire protection. The sales and service of China's agent inspiratory smoke fire detector are of high quality and reasonable price.


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