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The subversive revolution of traditional fire alarm system brought by V-TEC

2020-04-07 10:03:31

After thorough research and development, we have successfully launched a brand new fire detection system - Weston inspiratory smoke fire early warning system, so as to create a more efficient, more intelligent, more convenient and lower cost inspiratory smoke fire detector. V-TEC fire early warning system is suitable for standard application and complex application. It has neuron fire detector, wide-band smoke detector. At the same time, it is a complete product through the change of smoke concentration, field temperature, humidity and other expansion accessories.

Outstanding performance of V-TEC fire detector:

1. Unique detection reliability and anti false interference performance

2. Multiple signal processing

3. Excellent and consistent response to various types of fires

4. High economy

5. Design of sense of science and technology

6. Flexibility and economy

Wester fire detector provides customized detection scheme, which is suitable for site risk and environmental conditions. The on-site loop (fire equipment network) of  can be designed freely (supporting ring and branch line schemes, T-shaped support, etc.). In the development process of V-TEC products, special attention has been paid to the updating ability of the system, so as to ensure that all existing pipelines can be reused when the system is upgraded. The flexibility in the use of weatherprobe fire detectors provides customers with the protection of their investment in fire safety solutions, thus bringing quick returns to customers.


New technology -- bring the subversive revolution of traditional fire alarm system

——To build a more efficient, more intelligent, more convenient and lower cost inspiratory smoke fire detector. LED light source detector technology has been rated as one of the "top ten innovative technologies" in the 21st century. People in the industry generally believe that the development of LED technology is "a thousand miles a day", and LED light source is one of the major innovative technology fields in the 21st century.

Give early warning signals hours in advance, and practice the concept of "prevention" in the field of fire public safety

It is the first LED light source detection technology in China. Using high-intensity light source can effectively improve the detection sensitivity. Therefore, laser light source is generally used in the initial stage of technology. However, the laser light-emitting device has complex process structure, high requirements for working environment, and high debugging and maintenance costs. With the progress of technology, LED light source is gradually used in the mainstream technology in the world.

LED light source has the advantages of strong adaptability, simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance, which makes it the best choice of light source. The multi frequency high power light source detection technology is adopted in Weishen detection, which effectively solves the contradiction between high sensitivity and low false alarm rate. Even under the extremely bad condition of - 30 ° C and dusty, Weishen can work normally, and fills the domestic technical gap.

——The principle of high sensitivity, low false alarm rate and high sensitivity smoke detection is to use the scattering of smoke particles to the light source, to detect the light adding proportion through the forward receiver, and then convert it into smoke concentration, so as to realize the detection of the early stage of fire.

The multi frequency high power light source detection technology is used in the Weishen detection to scan the invisible smoke particles in the cloudy stage of the fire, covering most of the size of the smoke particles, with the detection sensitivity of up to 0.001% OBS / m. at the same time, it is not sensitive to dust, water mist and other large-size particles, effectively preventing false alarms.

Uncompromising pursuit of quality

V-TEC engineers never compromise when developing and manufacturing V-TEC, so as to ensure that the detector meets the high quality requirements of V-TEC in all aspects. The following aspects ensure high reliability:

1. The ambient temperature is from - 40 ℃ to + 70 ℃

2. Unique anti electromagnetic interference index greater than 50V / M

3. High resistance to dust, humidity and corrosion

4. Automatic self check function

5. Redundant optical and temperature sensors

Practical measures for fire safety: no matter how diverse the fire risk, how ever-changing the building structure, and how complex and changeable the user's needs, it can improve itself to provide diversity and flexibility to adapt to the environment. Each user can obtain customized fire safety solutions to provide limited protection for human life and property.

Suitable for complex applications: the detector can be used in various occasions. For example, severe heat or smoke may be generated in severe environment such as industrial facilities, and these interferences must be reliably judged as false fire. For extremely clean environment such as research center and pharmaceutical laboratory, the early warning must be guaranteed at this time, so as to provide reliable protection for people's life safety and valuable equipment.

Environment suitable for standard application: used in normal risk situation and moderate fire illusion. The signal evaluation is based on the detection algorithm: the signal collected by the signal sensor is decomposed into a mathematical model structure component, which is evaluated by the programming algorithm and compared with the mathematical model stored in the detector. With this technology, the economy of purchase, use and maintenance is guaranteed while maintaining high reliability, so it is suitable for hotels, schools, office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses and many other building types.

From the fire detector to the controller with excellent operation convenience, we can ensure the reliability and flexibility of the fire detector in large-scale and complex building structures, and even realize long-distance communication. The network controller can work independently at its installation site.

The user can easily operate the system by displaying the operation panel. The display operation button is external to the controller chassis, but it also supports independent installation. All signals and other information are displayed in an easy to understand way.

From detector to modern risk management system, V-TEC fire detector has become a high-performance fire safety early warning system. The detector can adapt to various needs flexibly, from small system to large-scale network system. With multimedia features, it allows seamless connection with all other fire protection systems and security systems as an open system.


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