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Important fire precautions for public buildings and cultural venues

1. Smoke stratification

The smoke is rising to about 10 meters, which is the smoke barrier. The smoke will gather here to form an umbrella. It will take more smoke and time to break through the barrier. Traditional fire detection equipment can not meet the challenge.

2. Smoke dilution

Due to the influence of air flow or ventilation system, smoke is easy to be diluted quickly. The traditional fire detection equipment based on the principle of blackout rate can not detect smoke in time and miss the opportunity to deal with hidden dangers.

3. Misinformation

The dust in the large space is not easy to spread, for example, the dust is detected by the traditional fire detection equipment, which is easy to cause false alarm; the ornaments, banners, temporary suspensions and other shelters in the large space are also easy to cause false alarm. In these cases, the traditional fire detection equipment often causes the "wolf comes" event.

4. High altitude maintenance

High altitude installation equipment is often difficult to access, maintenance needs professional personnel, special equipment, high risk, high cost.

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