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Rail transit solutions


Important matters for fire prevention of rail transit and train

Subway platform

The oxygen in the large space is sufficient, which is easy to expand the fire, thus causing large-scale fire and serious property loss; if the spot type smoke sensor is installed in the grid ceiling of the platform, because the space is relatively closed, it is not easy to enter, and the maintenance is quite troublesome;

Control cabinet / high and low voltage electric cabinet

Overheating of components, overloading of cables and connectors, or jamming of cooling fan may cause fire, and serious electromagnetic interference;

Train compartment

Air sampling can protect the passenger area of the car; at the same time, it can protect the electrical cabinet on the vehicle; the fire alarm signal is monitored in the cab;


The equipment is installed outside the dangerous area; the ladder is maintained continuously;

Depot and maintenance platform

The dense cable bridge, air conditioning duct and driving on the top of the depot block the flow of smoke, which also makes the maintenance of the top detector difficult;

Tunnel and maintenance access

Wires and cables are centralized, which is easy to cause fire; equipment maintenance is very difficult;

waiting hall

The path of smoke to the ceiling is long in the large space, and the smoke stratification is easy to occur inside;

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