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Cause analysis and treatment of false alarm of smoke detector

2020-04-03 11:11:48

Nowadays, people's safety awareness is gradually enhanced, and the installation of security products will be considered in home decoration, and smoke alarm is one of them. But sometimes, the smoke alarm will have false alarm. What causes this? The following is a summary of the cause analysis and handling methods of false alarm of smoke detector compiled by Wei detective. I hope it will be useful to you!

The main causes of false alarm of smoke detector are as follows:

1. Cooking

2. When it's powered on, the alarm goes off and on

3. Intermittent alarm

4. Effect of steam or moisture

5. Smoke from cigarettes

6. Poor power connection.

Many false alarms for cooking smoke are generated by the ion alarm. Because the sensor is sensitive to very small smoke particles, even particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The smoke particles produced by cooking high temperature are invisible to human eyes.

There are two basic ways to deal with it: either move the alarm or change it to another alarm that is less sensitive to cooking smoke. If the alarm is installed far away from the cooking place, the cooking smoke will be very thin when it reaches the alarm, so as to reduce false alarm. But this method doesn't always work, especially when the air flow brings cooking smoke to the alarm. So when you move the alarm, you must first find out the direction of air flow.


The second way to deal with the problem is to replace the alarm. There are three options:

One is to buy a new ion alarm with mute button. Just press the button and the alarm will stop for 15 minutes, so that there is enough time for the cooking smoke to spread.

The second option is to buy a photoelectric smoke detector. The cost of installing a battery powered photoelectric alarm is no more than $20. Photoelectric alarm is not very sensitive to small smoke particles, so it will not produce false alarm to smoke particles produced by cooking. Even if this makes the photoelectric alarm slow to respond to the fire (there are many small particles produced by the fire), the time difference is very small.

The third option is a common device with two sensors. The combination of ion sensors and photoelectric sensors makes the ions less sensitive to smoke particles produced by cooking. In this way, the homeowner has the common advantages of the two sensors, while reducing false positives.

If the alarm sounds constantly, it may be that there is too much dust in the alarm, or the alarm has been used for too long, or there may be something wrong with the alarm. Sensors in the alarm can also become sensitive to smoke if they are used for too long. In the absence of too much smoke, the alarm will also sound. All home alarms should be replaced after ten years of use. Maybe the alarm you bought is very expensive, but even the new alarm may be faulty. If a newly purchased alarm sounds constantly, it should be replaced with a new one.


What's the matter with the intermittent alarm if there is no fire?

If this happens, it may also be because the alarm has been used for too long and become sensitive. Or there is too much dust inside, or there may be something wrong with the alarm. But sometimes, when the battery is about to run out, it makes a chirp every other minute. Some people think it's a false alarm.

But this kind of sound is very different, because it makes a single, short sound, and it makes such a sound about every other minute. If your alarm sounds intermittently, you can change the battery to see if it can solve the problem. If not, consider replacing the alarm or cleaning it. When cleaning the alarm, clean all small openings near the end of the vacuum cleaner one by one. In this way, the dust accumulated on the cover of the alarm can be completely removed. If the dust still cannot be removed, it must be replaced.

Steam or moisture will be concentrated on the sensor and circuit board. If too much water is concentrated, an alarm will sound. If the alarm device is installed far away from steam and moisture, for example, the corridor of bathroom should not be equipped with alarm device, so the problem can be solved. However, if the alarm can work normally, but now it reacts to steam or moisture, then the problem may be the cause of alarm aging. Older alarms become more sensitive and responsive to steam and moisture. So the occurrence of false alarm may also be that the alarm needs to be replaced after its service life.

Generally, the smoke alarm will not respond to the smoke of cigarettes unless the smoke generated is very thick. For example, many smokers smoking in the same room may cause an alarm. If they stand near the alarm device and blow air to it, it will respond, but not always. If the alarm is too old, even if the smoke concentration is very high Low, it will respond. So on the contrary, we can also judge whether the alarm has been aged.

There is no practical way to repair the poor contact of the battery. This may happen because the smoke detector is too old or the battery is replaced, but it is also a signal to replace the alarm device.

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products come into our home life, which brings us a more convenient, comfortable and safe life experience. And we should also properly understand the role of some intelligent products, such as smoke alarm.



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