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Important matters for fire prevention of electric power and wind power

control room

The control room is the main command center of the substation, from which the operation, control and regulation of the whole substation are sent. The computer, control equipment, electronic switch device and underground cable layer in the control room are very dense, so they need to be protected. Although the actual risk is low, but the office and control room fire caused by the consequences are very serious, so it is necessary to install early warning smoke detection system.

Switch room

The switch room is a special area with highly centralized electronic device control cabinet and automatic control switch cabinet. The equipment in the cabinet is used to realize the main functions of the substation, and is the switch operation interface between the control room and the field equipment. In addition, there are a large number of measuring and recording equipment in this area. Although the fire risk degree of the switch room is relatively low, because the equipment arranged is very critical, in order to ensure the continuous operation of the switch room, it is mandatory to install an early warning fire detection system. When the cabinet is on fire, due to the low initial heat emission, it may have an adverse impact on the external detection of smoke at the initial (pre combustion) stage of the fire. Poor ventilation in the cabinet can also have an adverse effect on external detection, especially in the critical initial combustion phase.

Electrical cabinet

Equipment or wiring in the cabinet may overheat due to fire. Smoke or flames inside the cabinet may not be detected outside the cabinet. When it is found, the fire may have spread or caused major damage. By using ASD laser smoke detection system, the electric cabinet can be protected to a great extent. This system is designed to detect overheating of cables and equipment during the initial (pre burn) phase of a fire.

Battery room

The battery room is equipped with lead-acid or nickel cadmium batteries that supply the ups on site. The UPS is used as the backup power supply, which can keep the substation in operation in case of power failure. The size and configuration of the battery room depends on the power required by the ups operating unit. ASD system is specially designed for the overheat of battery and wiring, as well as the failure of high current cable and bus.

Cable trench

The cable trench is used for laying communication, control and various power cables, which connect various operation areas of the substation and transmit power to the external high-voltage converter tower. The information provided with the cable is of great significance to the uninterrupted operation on site. Because there is a large amount of constant power on the cable, the cable trench has a great fire risk. Cable trench generally has narrow space and is located underground. The cable trench is rated as a typical adverse environment with a high level of environmental pollution. In addition, the structure and location of the cable trench not only affect the normal entry operation, but also affect the response to fire and fire control.

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