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Shanghai V-TEC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of human security and environmental detection products. The company focuses on high-precision science and technology fields such as laser and optics, fluid, AI Artificial Intelligence, toxic and harmful gas, etc., which can help users to find the fire and safety hazards that may endanger important facilities or cause unnecessary interruption of business as early as possible, and provide users with sufficient response time before the threat occurs, so as to prevent disasters, thus avoiding or reducing the loss of life and property Loss, so that the world can be protected by our efforts.

Shanghai V-TEC has established a R & D and manufacturing base in Shanghai Jianghai high tech park. With professional fire detection equipment and laboratory, it has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, its products meet the requirements of national compulsory certification, and applied for a number of invention, utility model and soft patent. These technologies are widely used in communication, power, bank, data, tobacco, storage, food, cold chain, new energy, semiconductor, rail transit and public buildings. Its products are professional in technology, powerful in function, stable in performance and safety Reliable and other features can provide customers with comprehensive and thoughtful technical services and humanistic services in the same industry, thus promoting the company to become a real technology industry company in the industry.

Shanghai V-TEC, just for safety. Weitan insists on taking technological innovation, reliable products and thoughtful services as the foundation of enterprise's life, adhering to the mission of enterprise: safety, reliability and property protection. To build social security with innovative technology. Weitan people are extremely proud of their noble career of human security, and they are also deeply aware of their great responsibilities.

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To eliminate fire and build social security with innovative technology

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