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Intelligent fire comprehensive management solution for scenic spot

2020-03-27 08:24:16

The more people there are, the greater the risk of fire. Today, we will learn the fire safety knowledge of the scenic spot together!

Characteristics of fire in the scenic spot:

Most of the buildings in the scenic spot are wood structure or brick wood structure, and the fire resistance limit of the buildings is low, which leads to the building fire in the scenic spot has the characteristics of fierce combustion and rapid development, and it is easy to collapse and spread quickly after the fire.

There are many buildings in the scenic area, most of them are buildings. Once there is a fire, it is easy to cause "fire camp". In particular, the temple and other buildings in the scenic area are equipped with a large number of flammable fabrics such as streamers and decorative cloth. The incense, oil lamps, candles and other open fires in the temple are widely used. Once the fire is used carelessly, it is very easy to fire.

The scenic area is generally far away from the urban area, with inconvenient traffic, many steps of buildings, narrow doors and high sills, and difficult water supply, which makes it difficult to put out the fire. In addition, it is difficult to organize the evacuation quickly because of the dense tourists.

There are many trees and good ventilation conditions in the scenic area. Once there is a fire, it will spread quickly. In addition, the religious activities in the scenic area are easy to cause fire, such as fire caused by lightning, fireworks and firecrackers.


Precautions for fire safety in scenic spots

1. About the unit

The management unit of the scenic spot shall strengthen fire protection patrol, especially in the mountain forest scenic spot. It is strictly prohibited to enter the mountain with fire, and the fire source in the field is strictly prohibited.

The scenic area should be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment. Once a fire occurs, it can be effectively controlled at the initial stage of the fire to prevent the small fire from causing a major disaster.

2. Safety of tourists

Consciously maintain the fire safety of tourist sites, and call 119 to call the police in case of fire.

It is forbidden to bring kindling and inflammable and explosive materials into the scenic spot in violation of regulations. It is forbidden to use open fire and smoke in the scenic spot in violation of regulations

It is strictly prohibited to damage, misappropriate or block the fire-fighting facilities, equipment and equipment in the tourist area.

To enhance the awareness of fire safety, understand the route of the scenic area, and be familiar with the safe exit of the scenic area. In case of an accident, leave in order.

The arrival of the golden age of tourism and leisure brings a huge test to the construction of fire protection and security in the scenic area. According to the national laws and regulations, establish a perfect fire control system, use the automatic fire control monitoring system to timely and accurately find out the fire and automatically put it out in the early stage of smoldering, prevent the occurrence of fire, ensure the safety of people's lives and properties, and realize "prevention from fire".



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