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Every industry has a soul called "craftsman spirit". That kind of spirit is awe inspiring: V-TEC insists on technological innovation, reliable products and thoughtful services as the foundation of the enterprise's life, and adheres to the mission of the enterprise: safety, reliability and property protection. To build social security with innovative technology.

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  • Data center

  • Logistics storage

  • Food cold chain

  • rail transit

  • Public buildings

  • Power system

  • Electronic workshop

  • Data center

    Data center is a complex and important system, including computer system, communication and storage system, data communication connection, power supply and distribution of environmental control equipment and various safety monitoring devices. 1. Data center machine room: servers and other core equipment, with important, expensive data and large operation load, have higher requirements for reliability and safety, and will bring huge losses in case of fire accidents...More>
  • Logistics storage

    a\Storage shelves are placed in dozens to hundreds of rows, with the following characteristics
    b\Most of the goods are small and medium-sized, stacked intensively, with a spacing of only 3 meters and a height ranging from 10 meters to 30 meters。
    c\ Most of the goods are household appliances, daily necessities, etc., and the outer packaging is inflammable。
  • Food cold chain

    In recent years, with the steady growth of China's residents' income level, the consumption level has also increased. With the popularity of the Internet, people's lifestyle has changed, and the way of purchasing agricultural products, food, medicine and other consumer goods has become more and more convenient. Online shopping, fresh e-commerce, vegetable and fruit home matching are all popular choices in the current consumer market...More>
  • rail transit

    Rail transit refers to a kind of means of transportation or transportation system that operating vehicles need to run on a specific track. Typical rail transit is a railway system composed of traditional trains and standard railways. With the diversified development of train and railway technology, rail transit presents more and more types, which are often used for short for modern urban rail transit. Urban rail transit is the main line of urban public transport, the main artery of passenger transport, and the lifeline project of the city...More>
  • Public buildings

    Public buildings include office buildings (including office buildings, government offices, etc.), commercial buildings (such as shopping malls, financial buildings, etc.), tourism buildings (such as hotels, entertainment places, etc.), science, education, culture and health buildings (including culture, education, scientific research, medical, health, sports buildings, etc.), communication buildings (such as post and telecommunications, communication, data center, broadcasting room), transportation Transportation buildings (such as airport …More>
  • Power system

    With the increase of power demand, people begin to put forward the idea of establishing power production center. With the development of motor manufacturing technology, the expansion of electric energy application, and the rapid growth of production demand for electricity, power plants came into being. At present, power plants are divided into many kinds according to the different ways of power generation: thermal power plants, hydropower plants, solar (photovoltaic) power generation...More>
  • Electronic workshop

    In the context of the prosperity and development of electronic industry, the fire protection construction of its industrial plants has gradually been paid attention to. How to combine the actual characteristics of electronic industrial plants and make the design in line with the existing national specifications and regulations is the key point for relevant units and departments to consider. Important matters for fire protection of electronic building facilities: ceiling mezzanine: clean circulating air is introduced from the ceiling from top to bottom, and is led out from…More>
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Classic cases

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  • Shenzhen Grand Theatre
  • Nanjing Lukou International Airport
  • Shanghai Maglev
  • Beijing BOE
  • Former HSBC Shanghai Branch Data Center
  • IKEA
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V-TEC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of human security and environmental detection products. The company focuses on high-precision science and technology fields such as laser and optics, fluid, AI Artificial Intelligence, toxic and harmful gas, etc., which can help users to find the fire and safety hazards that may endanger important facilities or cause unnecessary interruption of business as early as possible, and provide users with sufficient response time before the threat occurs, so as to prevent disasters, thus avoiding or reducing the loss of life and property Loss makes the world safer because of our efforts. Shanghai V-TEC has established a R & D and manufacturing base in Shanghai Jianghai high tech park....



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Good news! Successful state grid Shanghai Electric Power

Our company has won the bid for a batch of successful candidates of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company in 2020.

What are the acceptance requirements for very early air sampling detectors?

1. The number of sampling holes and detectors shall meet the design requirements.2. The simulated fire alarm response...




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