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Working principle of ASD air sampling smoke detection system

2020-04-07 16:45:05

ASD early warning system is an active detection system. The built-in fan continuously draws air samples from the protection area through the laid pipeline and conducts the test. In order to prevent the interference of dust or other particles in the air to the detection, the collected air sample shall pass through a filter screen. In the detection room, the laser emission device emits parallel laser beams. Smoke particles cause small angle scattering of laser light. The scattered light is emitted to the high sensitivity laser receiver through the concave reflector. The electronic signal generated is processed and calculated. If the smoke concentration reaches the alarm level, an alarm will be given. Other stray light is reflected out of the detection room by the plane reflector after passing through the central light bar.

The application of laser co scattering technology in the detection host, the collected air sample enters the measurement room through the filter, and the measurement light source (laser) and light receiver are installed in the specific space position of the measurement room. The light beam from the measuring light source irradiates the air sample, if there are smoke particles in the air sample. The light beam will produce scattering. Through the refraction of the reflector, the light receiver receives the scattered light signal. According to the intensity of the light signal, the smoke particle concentration in the air sample is measured, so as to achieve the purpose of fire monitoring. At present, laser co scattering technology is a practical technology with high sensitivity for fire detection. Its sensitivity can reach 0.001% OBS / m, while the point type smoke detection is generally 20% OBS / m. That is to say, small smoke particles can be detected in the smoldering stage.


ASD design idea is to detect and alarm in the early stage of fire (overheating, smoldering, low thermal radiation or aerosol generation stage). The alarm time is more than a few hours earlier than the traditional detection equipment. It can be found in the early stage of fire so as to eliminate fire hazards and reduce the loss of fire to a small extent. His working principle is to collect air samples through the sampling pipe network distributed in the protected area, filter the dust through a special filter device and send it to the laser detection chamber, measure the smoke particles in the air caused by combustion, judge whether there is a fire according to the program analysis, and then give an alarm.


The inspiratory smoke fire detector developed by wittan intelligent technology realizes the centralized monitoring and management of the inspiratory smoke fire detector. To provide high-quality security for urban management and residents' life. The integrated management solution uses advanced technologies such as big data, Internet of things and cloud computing to combine the electrical fire warning, combustible gas leakage warning, point type smoke fire detector alarm and other information to realize the unified monitoring of the platform, and effectively discover the potential safety hazards before the fire; after the fire, timely inform the personnel to evacuate, and reasonably and effectively solve the lack of supervision The situation.


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