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What are the acceptance requirements for very early air sampling detectors?

2020-04-07 18:05:55

1. The number of sampling holes and detectors shall meet the design requirements.

2. The simulated fire alarm response test and fault alarm test shall be conducted according to 10% of the actual number of each sampling hole, and the end sampling hole of each sampling pipe must be tested.

3. The sampling pipe network shall be accepted, and the installation quality of all connecting parts, fixed points, elbows and sampling holes of sampling pipes shall be inspected.

4. The detector shall be sampled for inspection according to the following requirements:

(1) If the number of detectors actually installed is less than 5, all detectors shall be sampled for inspection;

(2) If the number of detectors actually installed is 5-10, 5 detectors shall be randomly inspected;

(3) If the number of detectors actually installed exceeds 10, random sampling inspection shall be conducted according to 30% - 50% of the actual number.


5. The detector and its centralized display device shall be accepted as follows:

(1) Output of all indicator lights and sound alarm signals;

(2) Setting of smoke alarm threshold and delay time;

(3) Setting of air flow alarm threshold and delay time;

(4) Setting of system date and time;

(5) Functions of isolation, reset and mute buttons;

(6) Storage of system event records.

6. The smoke transmission time of the sampling pipe network shall be inspected: according to the sampling proportion, select the sampling hole far away from the detector in any sampling pipeline, and introduce the smoke sample. When the system responds, the recorded smoke transmission time shall not be more than 120s.

7. The smoke alarm function of the system shall be inspected: according to the sampling proportion, the smoke samples of different concentrations shall be introduced into any sampling hole on any sampling pipe, and the system shall give different levels of audible and visual alarm response. For the fire alarm controller connected to the inspiratory smoke detector, there should also be corresponding audible and visual alarm signal output of different levels.

8. The installation quality and linkage function of all alarm output devices connected in the system, such as alarm bell, flashing light, audible and visual alarm, shall be inspected.

9. All power devices connected in the system shall be inspected, such as automatic conversion function of main and standby power, automatic protection function of power output short circuit, battery capacity and charging voltage, grounding resistance, etc.

10. In all inspection items, if there is any unqualified item, it shall be repaired or replaced within a time limit and retested. During re inspection, double test shall be carried out for the items with sampling proportion requirements. If the re inspection fails, the system can not pass the completion acceptance.

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